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Guerilla Zingari on Triple J

Playlist: 13 January 2014

Back to the River – Guerilla Zingari


Guerilla Zingari on ABC Radio National
“Inside Sleeve” with Robbie Buck



Melbourne’s Buzz Magazine – Article from interview:


Melbourne Radio 3PBS FM


‘Across the Tracks’ show – “Dilettante Ball” & “Fall” – 8th Dec 2013

‘The Prosecco Hour’ show – “Lovers Lament” – 11th Dec 2013

‘Nighthawks at the Diner’ show – “Dilettante Ball” – 14th Jan 2014

‘Homebrew’ show – “Dilettante Ball” – 27th Jan 2014


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South Australian ROOTS & BLUES Hour:

"Back to the River" on South Australian ROOTS & BLUES Hour Podcast Show - S.A

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Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM

18 NOV 2013

Guerilla zingari; Musicians come gypsy freedom fighters.
To tell us more about these guys and all the latest on the music scene Radio Adelaide’s resident Music expert Luke Penman joined us in the studio. Produced by Michael Moschos…

This podcast is from Breakfast on Radio Adelaide


Three D Radio – Adelaide – New Release Album Chart:

Three D Radio - Adelaide


Icons of Tomorrow
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 Posted on December 7, 2013